Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Naked Wines

How can I contact you?

What's your phone number and opening times

Our phone number is 01603 281869.

Our Customer Happiness Team (which is UK based) are on hand to chat from (Mon-Fri 9am-7pm, Sat 9am-1pm)

What's your email address and how quickly will you respond?

Our email address is and we'll aim to reply to all emails within 24 hours Monday to Saturday.

Do you have a live chat service?

We do. The opening hours are (Mon-Fri 9am-7pm, Sat 9am-1pm). Please click here to start a chat.


How do I place an order?

Have a browse, add a case to your basket and checkout! Or if you're a techno-phobe, give us a bell on 01603 281869. and we'll place an order for you.

We ship in cases of 6 and any number of bottles between 12 to 18 - and delivery is FREE if you spend £100 or more. N.B. Voucher spend doesn't qualify for free delivery i.e. you have to spend £100 of your own money.

N.B. We can add a gift message and specific delivery instructions to your order. Just add these on the checkout page.

What cards do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Maestro. Please make sure your billing address matches the address your bank holds or we won't be able to verify your card.

How do I know what wines to pick?

You have a few options…

  • Check out our pre-mixed case recommendations on our cases page
  • Use the 'search' box and type in your favourite grape variety, country or style of wine
  • Use the filters on our wines page
  • OR rate your wines on your My Wines page and we'll recommend others you'll love

Still not sure what to go for? Give us a bell on 01603 281869 and ask to speak to one of our friendly Wine Advisors - who will bespoke you a case to match YOUR taste-buds.

Why does every wine / case have two prices?

Non-Angels pay the normal price and our Angel members pay the Angel price.

The normal price reflects the price of the wine if it were to be sold via a different retailer (i.e. its high-street value).

The Angel price reflects the power of Angel funding!

Our Angels invest £20 a month into their Naked piggy-bank towards future orders, in return for 25%-50% off every time they order.

Why the discount? By investing in their wines upfront, we're able to fund talented, independent winemakers - cutting out a raft of 'dead' costs. So it's only fair our Angels get passed the savings!

Why don't I recognise the labels?

All of the wines we stock are exclusive to Naked Wines - so you won't see a bottle of Blossom Hill or Hardy's popping up anywhere.

Our wines are exclusive because our Angels have funded them.

They're invested in the wines before they've been made - meaning we secure all the spoils.

If you're wondering if the wines are any good, the proof is in the pudding. Give them a try and if you don't love them, we'll give you all your money back!

Why are some of your wines bottled in Germany?

We bottle some of our entry-level wines at a bottling facility in Germany.

How does it work? The winemaker loads their wine into a 'flexitank' (basically a giant, wine-filled balloon!) which sits in a shipping container.

Does it affect the quality of the wine? Not at all. In fact due to advancements in tanker technology and quality, the wine is less prone to temperature variations during shipping - so the wine can actually arrive in better condition than bottled wine.

Does it have any environmental benefits? By more than doubling the amount of wine that can be shipped, bulk shipping seriously reduces the environmental emissions associated with transport. For example, each flexitank from Australia bottled in Europe reduces CO2 emissions by 20 tonnes, otherwise associated with the weight of the glass bottles the wine is in.

Do our winemakers approve? Absolutely. Bottling is a winemaker's biggest headache and they're perfectly happy to hand the job over to our ruthlessly efficient German friends. They have all visited the bottling line and are kept fully up to date on the wine's progress at every stage. Sure, it doesn't sound romantic, but some of our highest-rated wines are bottled in this way so there's clearly no impact on quality.

What if I don't like the wines?

If you don't like the wines - or you're unhappy with the service, we'll give you your money back, so there's absolutely nothing to lose!

To arrange a refund, all you need to do is give us a quick call on 01603 281869, chat to us via

Our phone lines and Live Chat services are open (Mon-Fri 9am-7pm, Sat 9am-1pm)


What are your delivery costs and options?

Our standard delivery service is next day (Monday to Saturday) to most UK addresses, when you order before 5pm. The delivery charge is £4.99 or it's free if you spend over £100.

If you don't want your wine to be delivered next working day, you can delay delivery by up to 5 days (which you can select at checkout). We also offer guaranteed delivery before noon on Saturday for £6.99.

Occasionally we might bring the 5pm cut-off forward. If in doubt, just check the count-down clock at the top of the page.

Please note that some sale cases may be exempt from free delivery (which we'll make clear on the website). Similarly if you're using a voucher or a gift card to buy your wine, or claiming a free bottle, you have to spend £100 of your own money to qualify for free delivery.

Alternatively we offer a Click and Collect service to 213 Majestic stores.

Click and Collect delivery is free, except if you're a new customer purchasing a discounted case. You'll have up to 5 working days to collect your wines once you've placed your order.

Please click here for full terms and conditions.

Do you deliver to my area?

We deliver to most UK addresses - but we're unable to make deliveries to JE or GY postcodes.

Also, our standard next-day delivery service does not apply to certain postcodes. Please see below for a list of exceptions - and please note that we don't offer Saturday morning delivery to any of the postcodes listed below.

  • Orders to the following postcodes take 2 days to arrive: AB10 to AB56, AB99, BT1 to BT49, BT51 to BT58, BT60 to BT71, BT74 to BT82, BT92 to BT94, DD6 to DD11, FK18 to FK21, IM1 to IM9, IM99, IV1 to IV28, IV30 to IV32, IV36, IV40, IV52 to IV54, IV63, KA27, KA28, KW1 to KW3, KW5 to KW14, KY9, KY10, KY15, KY16, PA20 to PA33, PA35 to PA 38, PA49, PH5 to PH26, PH30 to PH39, PH49, PH50, PO30 to PO41, TD1 to TD14.
  • Orders to the following postcodes take 3 days to arrive: TR21 to TR25
  • Orders to the following postcodes take up to 4 days to arrive or a little longer in very remote areas: HS1 to HS9, IV41 to IV49, IV51, IV55, IV56, KW15 to KW17, PA34, PA41 to PA48, PA60 to PA78, PA80, PH40 to PH44, ZE1 to ZE3.

What if I'm not in when you deliver?

Our delivery company will leave your wine in a safe place if you're not in (please leave instructions at checkout).

And IF your wine gets nicked or damaged, we'll replace it free of charge.

Alternatively, you can Click & Collect from your local Majestic store.

If you have any delays or problems, just give us a call on 01603 281869.

Money back guarantee

Can I get my money back if I don't enjoy the wines?

If you don't like a wine, or it's corked or damaged, then we'll give you a full refund.

N.B. If you have several bottles of the same wine that you want refunding, please don't open them as we'll come and collect them.

How do I organise a refund?

Call us on 01603 281869, chat to us via Live Chat or email us at - and we'll get it all sorted for you


How do I claim a voucher?

To claim your voucher, click here - and enter your code, password and email, then hit the 'claim now' button.

The case we offer on the confirmation page is always the best deal, but feel free to browse the site and pick another case (OR build your own). The recommended case will always be there, right on your homepage.

N.B. Most of our vouchers have a minimum spend and you'll find all the blurb on the voucher itself. If for example, you have a £60 voucher with a minimum spend of £99.99, you need to add at least £99.99 worth of wine to your basket before your voucher will be deducted.

For full voucher T&Cs and our fair usage policy please click here.

Can I use more than one voucher?

Vouchers cannot be stacked and the majority of our vouchers are for new customers only.

Can Angels use vouchers?

As above, the majority of our vouchers are for new customers only, to encourage them to give us a test drive. As an Angel, you get a 25% to 50% discount on all orders!

Do you sell gift vouchers?

Yes. We sell e-gift-certificates and you can buy them here

My account and my wines

How can I access my account and update details (cards, addresses etc)?

You can also see a full break-down of transactions and how much you've spent here here.

How can I update or set a new password?

if you've forgotten your password, please click here.

If you're logged-in and you simply want to update it, visit your My Account page.

Where do I add a profile picure

You can add a profile picture on your My Account page. This means that all the other Angels will be able to see your beautiful face when you post on the site!

What's my Naked Me page?

Your Naked Me page is all about you!

It displays your last order so you can rate your wines - and it displays your wall, so you can find out what others have been saying and reviewing.

There's a filter at the top of your wall, so you can filter by your own posts, by your winemakers posts - and various other useful things!

How can I look into previous orders?

To view previous orders, you can either visit your Account History page - or your can visit your My Wines page.

On your My Wines page, there's a filter at the top which you can use to look at specific orders.

Where can I see all my wines?

All of your wines are listed on your My Wines page.

There are various useful filters at the top of the page so you can delve into them.

This page also includes personal recommendations, based on your ratings and reviews!


What's a Naked Wine Angel?

Angels are a very special group of people who support talented winemakers by saving £20 a month towards their next order.

In exchange, they save at LEAST 25% (and up to 50%) every time they buy. And they get access to a whole host of other benefits such as a FREE premium bottle every month if they order a case, access to exclusive wines - and invitations to exclusive tasting events.

Click here to find out more and join the waiting list.

How does it work?

  1. You invest £20 a month into your Naked Wines account towards your next order
  2. Yours to spend on ANY of our wines WHENEVER you want
  3. And every time you order, you'll save at least 25% (and up to 50%) on every penny you spend
  4. Plus, you'll get a free premium bottle every month if you order a case, and access to exclusive wines
  5. Oh, and it's 100% safe and you can cancel and get your money back at any time

PLUS, we never send you wine without being asked. This is not one of those dodgy wine "clubs" you can never get out of!

How does my money help?

We invest your cash (at no risk to you!) in discovering and funding new and exciting wines and winemakers.

Often, because we know our Angels are ready and waiting with cash to spend, we tell a winemaker we'll buy their entire production of a wine, which drives the price down. A saving we pass on to you.

We also use it to help fund better grapes, barrels, or bottling.

Whatever it is, you can be sure it's helping you drink better wines, for less money!

Is my money safe?

Yes, you can ask us to refund you any unspent balance whenever you like.

And in case you were wondering:

  • The funds are kept in a separate company, Naked Wines Prepayment Trustee Company Limited, so that if anything goes wrong with Naked Wines, your money remains secure. Naked Wines can only draw on the money for the specific purpose of funding independent winemakers.

How do I sign-up?

You can join the waiting list to become a Naked Angel here.

Am I committing to anything and how do I cancel?

You can leave the waiting list at any point.

And once you become an Angel, you can cancel at any time right here i.e. you're not committing to a thing!

If you do cancel, we'll refund you any unspent money you've paid in.

(See 'Is my money safe?' section above for details of where your money is kept.)

Can I take a break or change the amount I pay in every month?

Yes, you can take a 'payment holiday' whenever you like. Simply call us on 01603 281869, chat to us via Live Chat or email us at

You can also change your monthly payment to any multiple of £10 by visiting your Angel account page (please scroll down to the bottom). You can change the day we take your payment too.

To read our full Angel T&Cs please click here.

How do I claim my free monthly Angel sample?

We'll email you at the start of every month (usually in the first week) to let you know that your free monthly Angel sample is in your basket.

If you can't see it, please make sure you're logged-in - and if you delete it from your basket by mistake, you can re-add it from your Naked Me page.

To claim it, all you need to do is add 11 or 12 other bottles to your basket and checkout as usual (we'll let you know in the email whether it's 11 or 12 bottles).

N.B. If you don't like the look of your free bottle, give us a quick bell and we can replace it with something you do like, of a similar value.

Rating and interacting

How can I rate and review my wines?

All of your wines are listed on your My Wines page - where you can give them a thumbs up or thumbs down. We'll invite you to leave a more detailed review, but it's entirely up to you!

Your most recent order will also be listed on your Naked Me page - and you can leave your feedback there too.

Every time you rate a wine, it helps the winemaker out and it helps us out - as we know where to invest your money! It also means we can recommend you other wines we think you'll love (click on the 'Wines recommended to me' link under the 'My Wines' filter).

How can I chat to other customers?

There are various walls dotted around the site where you can log in and post questions and chat to other Angels. A good place to start is our Groups homepage, where you can join our most popular discussion groups. Don't be shy!

How can I follow other customers?

If you want to follow another customer, simply click on their name and a little pop-up will appear with a follow button.

Once you follow someone, their wine reviews and wall posts will appear on your Naked Me page, so you can find out what they've been drinking (a great way to discover new wines).

Where can I see which groups I belong to?

Simple. Click here to visit your My Groups page (if you hover over your name at the top of the website, you'll see a drop-down menu with the permanent link).

How can I chat to the winemakers?

Each winemaker has their own profile page with a wall. All you need to do is log-in and get posting!

You can see a list of all the winemakers we support here.

How can I follow a winemaker?

On each winemaker's profile page there's a green 'Follow' button. Log-in and give it a click! By following them, you'll be the first to hear about new wines and what they've been up to in the vineyard.

Why do you have a red circle against each wine with a percentage in it?

This is our "buy it again" rating – a quick and easy way to see how popular a wine is. The percentage is the number of customers who’d definitely come back for more, over the number of customers who have left a rating.

The rating starts afresh every vintage, to help you identify a particularly good year! We previously showed a combined percentage for all vintages past and present – with the new system you can hover to see how the previous vintages were rated in comparison.

After you've tried a wine, remember to give it a thumbs up (or down) to let us know whether you'd buy it again. It helps us to figure out which wines to buy more of and to tailor the wines we recommend to suit your preferences.

Do you include ratings from new customers as well as Angels?

Yes – whether you're a Naked old-timer or you've just placed your first order, we'll include your rating against the wine.

An improvement we made in March 2018 was to only include ratings from customers who independently add wine to their case, versus those who buy the wine as part of a premixed case. Our pre-mixed cases are (typically) the go-to place for new customers who've never tried our wines before - and our ratings are designed to guide Angels who need help building their own case.

So it makes more sense to reflect the thoughts of those in the same boat!

More importantly, the old system worked brilliantly for popular and 'safe' styles of wine like New Zealand Sauvignon - but it could make or break the marmite wines such as Torrontes or Northern Rhone Syrah.

So the good news is, Eamon and Ray (our wine guys) can head further off the beaten track - and continue to introduce new and obscure wines to the shelves. And we can continue to pop the odd marmite wine in our premixed cases to encourage customers to step outside of their comfort zone!

Whether you build your own cases, or leave it to us - please continue to rate your wines. It's a great way to remind yourself what you like, it helps us to decide where to invest your hard-earned cash - and it gives your winemakers an invaluable steer on what's hot and what's not and where to improve.

Recommend a friend

How can I recommend a friend to Naked Wines?

Visit our Invite a Friend page where we'll have a cheeky little deal for you to pass on to your friends.

I have been invited to join Naked Wines by a friend. What will you do with my data?

Angels have the opportunity to invite their friends to join Naked Wines. If you have been invited, we'll send you an email with an offer, and 1 email reminder. If you don't claim the offer, we'll remove your information from our database after 30 days.


What's Naked MarketPlace and who is it for?

Naked MarketPlace exists to give a helping hand to new winemakers. The deals are set up so that everyone wins:

  • you our customers get a better deal on the parcel than you can any other way
  • the winemakers get a big order to help them get back on their feet
  • we take 10% for making sure everyone gets what they bargained for

Because you can't really plan for when winemakers suddenly need help, there isn't a list of upcoming deals. But we'll post in the MarketPlace group or send an email when there's one on the horizon.

If you like the look of the deal, click on the 'BID NOW' button to place a bid for a case. If the winemaker reaches the minimum number of bids, then the deal is on!

We'll take payment when the pitch ends, and deliver your wine when it arrives in the UK (see estimated delivery date on the pitch detail page).

What does Naked Wines get out of it?

Naked Wines charges winemakers a flat 10% commission i.e. ALL your money (minus our commission, the tax man's cut and shipping costs) goes directly to the winemaker.

How do I know the discounts are genuine?

The RRP price is the price you would have to pay if it was on sale elsewhere in the UK.

Is it cheaper than buying wine in the supermarket?

Probably. Our margins are certainly lower than the supermarkets - so you should get a lot more wine for your money.

How do I know if the wine's any good?

We've tried the wines and stand by their quality. And if you don't like them, we'll give you your money back.

Why do i have to wait for my wine?

To get the best possible price, we ship the wine directly from the winemaker to your door. So you have to wait until the minimum number of cases are sold and the deal is done. Once you've got your wine, you'll forget about the wait!

How do the email notifications work?

To make sure you’re first to hear about MarketPlace deals you’ll need to subscribe to the email notification list by visiting and entering your email address.

If you’re already a Naked Wines customer, we’ll just add this to your list of preferences and (unless you tell us otherwise!) we’ll keep you on the list as long as you’re still an active customer. Check out our privacy policy for all the rules around data retention.

If you’re a new customer, we’ll add you to the MarketPlace list for 2 years. If you don’t place an order in that time, we’ll delete your data from all our systems. This is to make sure it’s kept 100% safe.

If at any time you want to unsubscribe from the MarketPlace email notification list, just click the unsubscribe link and enter your email address at or email

When will I know if my bid's successful or not?

We will email you at the end of each deal to tell you whether you've secured your wine or not. N.B. Each deal runs for a week, and you can check the end time against each deal.

When do you take my money?

We will debit your registered Naked Wines' credit / debit card when the pitch ends (OR we will use any cash in your Naked Wines' account) and ONLY if you've secured your wine.

Is delivery included in the price?

Yes! The price you bid includes delivery to your door.

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver to most UK households - and we'll deliver to the default delivery address on your account unless you tell us otherwise.

Can I pick a delivery day / time?

No but we will email you about a week before delivery to let you know when it's arriving.

What if I'm not at home when you deliver?

No worries, we will use the default delivery instructions on your account i.e. 'leave with neighbours at no. 22'

What if you leave it outside my house and it gets nicked or damaged?

We will give you a full refund (but we won't be able to replace the wine because the winemaker will generally only deliver the amount of wine ordered).

Are there Angel discounts on these cases?

Nope. Most of these wines are already made and already have HUGE discounts - so they don't need Angel backing. We therefore don't want to compromise the Angel scheme by adding additional Angel discount.

Are these deals better than the Angel deals? Should I stop being an Angel?

It's like comparing Apples with Pears i.e. they're two very different deals! As an Angel, you can invest in independent winemakers who need a helping hand, in return for at least 25% off and Next Day Delivery. With Naked MarketPlace, you can pre-order wine that's already been made, at a very good price - by negotiating directly with the winemaker. So there's no reason why you can't do both! N.B. From time to time, we will use the MarketPlace to raise cash for winemakers who need your support.

As a business, is Naked Wines still supporting small, independent winemakers?

Definitely. We will continue to support and fund independent winemakers, in return for exclusive wines at preferential prices - for YOU.


What is WineWizard?

Our WineWizard service is the wine club for people who hate wine clubs… and don't have the time to browse and build their own cases.

How does it work?

Signing-up to our WineWizard service guarantees you a bundle of seasonal wines, delivered to your door every 1, 2 or 3 months. You decide how often.

The wines are picked to match your tastes - and you tell us how many bottles you want (12, 15 or 18) and whether you want red, white or mixed.

Am I tied in?

Nope. Not at all. We'll email you roughly 7 days before each case is due (confirming the wines and the price), and if the timing's not right, you can postpone or skip your order - or cancel all together.

How much does it cost?

It depends which case you pick - but most importantly, you're in control!

As above, we'll let you know c. two weeks before each case is due - and you can postpone or skip if the timing's not right.

  Every day wines Sweet Spot wines Luxury Wines
12 bottles £94.99 £104.99 £127.99
15 bottles £118.99 £131.99 £159.99
18 bottles £142.99 £157.99 £191.99

When do I pay?

The price of the case (which is always better than the Angel price) will be debited from your registered credit / debit card when each case is shipped. Or if you have any Angel balance sitting in your account, we'll use that up first (excluding any vouchers, which cannot be used towards Wine Wizard cases).

What if I don't like the wines?

If you don't like the look of any of the wines in the case, we'll suggest some replacements we think you will like - and we'll update your case before we ship it to you. Plus, all of the wines are covered by our money back guarantee i.e. love 'em or get a refund.

Terms and conditions

What are your terms and conditions?

Please click here to see our full terms and conditions.


What's an Archangel?

An Archangel is a super Angel. They're a group of 100 customers who work with us to:

  1. pick and price the wines we sell
  2. adopt new winemakers to help get them going
  3. help other customers to navigate the site

How can I find them?

They're all over the site! They have a yellow 'Archangel' tag next to their name. If you have a look through the groups here, you'll definitely stumble across them...

Do you pay them?

Not a bean. They're Naked enthusiasts who get stuck in for the love of Naked.

How do I become an Archangel?

Take a look at our Archangel page here and see if you fit the bill. If you're keen, there are details on how to apply.