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If you’re ambitious and driven, with a passion for making a difference and a healthy dislike of wine made in factories, you’ve come to the right place!

A note from Eamon, the Wine Guy

So you're interested in working for us?

Brilliant. Let me give you a flavour of what it’s like to work here.

My passion growing up was always wine, so when I got offered the dream gig of wine buying for Naked, I jumped at it. One year later, I was made Managing Director of the company, aged 26, with no experience of running a team, let alone a company. There are lots of people around the business who have, like me, been fast-tracked up the business. Rowan (our Founder) has always valued attitude over experience, and we’ve maintained that approach in our hiring and promotion decisions to this day.

10 years ago, 12 special people quit their day jobs and risked it all to set up Naked. As we’ve grown from 12 employees to 120 and beyond, we’ve had to work hard to maintain the culture and values of the original team (it also helps that most of them are still here!)

Maintaining a culture is not all about office slides, beers after work and ping pong, but rather figuring out what makes your company special and aligning all of your people around that. We believe that amazing wines should be an everyday pleasure, not a privilege for our customers, and we are relentless about making this better.

It all means we make sure any new person that joins Naked has the right qualities and attitudes to make the company a better place for our customers, staff and winemakers.

So do you think you’ve got what it takes? Read on...

10 years ago, 12 special people quit their day jobs and risked it all to set up Naked

Eamon, the Wine Guy

Fancy joining one of the top 100 companies to work for in the UK?


Full time team

We have an ever growing number of employees who are passionate and dedicated to delivering the best for our customers.


Years going strong

From a small team of 12 people to a big team in the heart of Norwich, we know what we’re doing.


Independent wines created

Created specifically for Naked, you won’t find these wines on the supermarket shelves.

We love coming to work

We’re based in the fine city of Norwich and have worked hard to create an office environment that encourages our staff to have fun and be themselves. You’ll find a giant slide, fully-stocked bar, wine tasting room, sensory room, ping pong and table football tables, and free breakfast and fruit. We’ve banned eating lunch at your desk – everyone can spare 5 minutes to eat lunch downstairs and talk to somebody. We offer free bootcamp training sessions in the park across the road twice a week. We encourage flexible working for all, not just parents. After all, happy staff = happy customers.

The wine’s not bad either...

Staff get £100 in free wine credits every 3 months so they can get to know and enjoy our product. Every new starter must pass our wine crash course in the first month (it’s easy, promise). Each month we have a winemaker visiting from somewhere in the world and you’ll get a chance to meet them and taste their wines. Twice a year we bring our winemakers and staff on a bus tour of the country and see thousands of customers – it’s a blast.

We are Naked in everything we do

We make sure our customers get the best prices on our wines by removing unnecessary costs. We take the same ruthless approach to transparency in the office. Everyone’s expenses (including the MD’s) are viewable by the whole company. We set company and personal Objectives and Key Results (OKR’s) and share progress and challenges openly with our colleagues. We’ve banned internal email and instead use Slack, a less formal, more efficient instant messaging tool. We’re militant about respecting each others’ time by being on-time for meetings – even two minutes late is unacceptable, unless you’ve excused yourself in advance.

We do our bit for the community

Each employee has one day paid leave per year to volunteer in the local community - it’s important to give back to the city and we find it gives us an important sense of perspective. We host an annual Parents’ Evening where we give thanks to our folks by putting on a special tasting in the office. A cause close to our hearts is the Carmen Stevens Foundation - which is a charity in South Africa that our staff and customers fund every year. Our winemaker Carmen has set up a soup kitchen which feeds breakfast and lunch to hungry schoolkids throughout the school year in the shanty towns between Cape Town and Stellenbosch. Since starting in 2015 we’ve raised £250,000 for 12,000 children and have received encouraging reports of improved attendance and better grades. These kids now have a fighting chance of a brighter future.

We’ll pay you to leave

Every new starter is given a Naked Bucket List to be completed within the first month of joining. It contains tasks such as listening to calls with our customers, packing wine boxes at the warehouse, dropping a business idea to the MD, beating a manager at ping pong, and most importantly making a round of tea for your team. At the end of the month, we’ll offer you 3 months’ salary to leave, there and then. If it’s not going to work out, no worries, we’d rather take the hit now rather than find out later. If you turn down the money, congratulations! It looks like we’re going to get on.

We've won a few awards along the way...

The benefits of working for us

£100 wine voucher every quarter
Free Friday beers after work
Flexible working hours
1 day paid leave per year to volunteer
Mental health buddies

Not to forget: 25 days holidays plus your birthday off (as long as you bring cake), Free breakfast and fruit, £300 personal development budget per year, £100 wine voucher every quarter, 14 weeks paid maternity leave, 2 weeks paid paternity leave, Shared parental leave, Free lunchtime boot camps, Regular mindfulness sessions, Free week’s holiday when you get married (to enjoy your honeymoon), Parents support club, Sensory room and Parties!

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Continuous Improvement Manager

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Norwich, UK

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Here are a few of the team who you're likely to bump into around the website...

Fran Underhill

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Head of Continuous Improvement

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Neil Gregory

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Kate Keogh

Marketing Manager

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Dominique Blaxall

Queen of 'Social Service'

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