Hungry children in South Africa's wine regions need your help...

The impact of rising food prices is devastating

With parents struggling to put food on the table, more and more children in South Africa's poorest communities are going hungry at home.

Thousands of children are relying on us

Thanks to your generosity, winemaker Carmen Stevens is feeding daily nutritious meals to over 25,000 children - giving them hope during these tough times.

Carmen needs your pennies more than ever

Her funds are stretched to the limit. There's only so many ways she can save costs before she's forced to provide less food… it doesn't bear thinking about.

We need to act now

Just £25 will feed a child for a whole year, meaning they're happier, healthier and are fulfilled to reach their full potential. Add Gift Aid to top up your donation by 25%.

Together we can change the lives of children in South Africa for the better...

Carmen told us a story that really resonated with us, about a little boy who benefits from her feeding program at one of the Stellenbosch schools you support.

He’s only 7 but way smaller than most kids his age, a clear sign that he’s grown up malnourished. But he’s incredibly bright. His teachers think he could grow up to become a doctor, a politician, or a scientist.

At school, he finally gets the nutrition he needs to reach his full potential. He’s happier, healthier and more confident. He’s living proof of the impact your donations can have - and he’s not alone.

There are over 25,000 Stellenbosch kids just like him, who know their bellies are being filled up because of generous people like you across the seas. That’s why Carmen was keen for you to meet some of them in this video...

Putting food in the mouths of children like these in their vital school years can be the difference when it comes to giving them a better crack at life.

And isn’t that what every child deserves? A fighting chance at a better future.

Help Carmen help more kids like these. Just £25 will feed a child for a whole year.

“From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for the difference you are making in our children’s lives. When I visit the schools, I see little faces that are smiling because they are assured of a plate of food every school day. I see how it improves their attendance, concentration and grades. They associate school with people that care and an opportunity to learn without worry. By helping to provide a basic necessity, you’ve made it possible for them to achieve their dreams, and I am so thankful for your trust and support in making it so.”

Carmen Stevens

Thanks to your incredible generosity over the past 8 years

£2.6m +

Raised by donations

38m +

Daily nutritious meals served


Little mouths fed

Your donations make a world of difference to these children’s lives

“Absolutely wonderful, Carmen, you are a true hero. I have been to South Africa, driven through the villages and seen how the children live. I can understand how the children need your wonderful help."

David Jack, Angel

“Carmen, words fail me. You are a force of nature with the purest of hearts ♥️ Thank you for allowing us all to play a small part in this amazing community project. We are so proud of you x”

Karen Littler, Angel

“A truly amazing programme. You have achieved something that I am sure has touched many families hearts and the progress these young people make will be followed with interest. May you continue with your successful project for many years to come."

Barry Hammond, Angel