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Freed from corporate shackles by Angels, she now has her own business

    • Connie is a Chilean rebel. She got sacked from a big winery for leading a revolution against the cheap, mass-produced wine Chile was churning out.
    • Hiding out in tiny vineyards off the beaten track, Connie champions old Chilean grape varieties - farming them in traditional ways and hand-picking the fruit using local labour to regenerate the local economy.
    • Thanks to Angel support, she’s rented a big old winery and scaled up production. So instead of her juice ending up in million-litre vats, blended into supermarket plonk, she’s able to turn it into delicious high-quality wines that put Chile on the map.

Map of the Vineyard

Connie's Story

10 years ago Connie was working in big wineries making £5.99 shelf fillers. She knew that Chile was a winemakers paradise for making really top shelf wines. She could see all of this top notch fruit was going to waste and kept thinking, “How good could this be if done properly?” 

She got sacked from her corporate job for leading a revolution against the cheap, mass-produced plonk that Chile kept churning out. That’s when she turned to Naked. Angels funded her first vintage, putting their faith (and cash) in Connie’s very capable hands. 

Big wine corps continue to put the squeeze on small growers and wineries, but she's one of the few who’ve managed to hold out. Connie started making wines with old Chilean grape varieties, farming them in traditional ways and handpicking using local labour to regenerate the local economy.  

Since 2008 she has rented a big old winery and invested in top quality oak barrels. Top growers have got on board, fired up by Connie’s mission. She now works with them directly to get exactly the fruit she wants. 

Connie Schwaderer’s dream was to prove that Chile could make wine to rival the best in the world and once you’ve tasted hers, you’ll agree she’s hit the nail on the head. 

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