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A small Italian winery making the biggest waves

  • Nicola, just like us, knows that small wineries are the jewel in the crown of the wine world. Having worked as an independent winemaker since 1992, Nicola can attest to the fact that the mixture of precision, creativity, and hard work that these guys invest in their trade, pays off in extra delicious wines that can't be paralleled.
  • The aim of the game is to make wines that ring true to their landscape and region, with Angels behind him, Nicola hopes to expand the reach of the quality and experience only small wineries can provide.
  • Precision is everything for Nicola, and he has his processes down to a science. Every sip has pure Italian style and charisma as a result - white wines with clean, crisp definition and reds that are smoother than smooth, with a sweetness that can't be resisted.

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