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Out of stock - more coming soon. In the meantime try Franck Massard Mas Amor Verdejo 2020

Consultant winemaker with a passion for crisp Galician whites

    • With over 28 years of telling other wineries how to make their wines taste amazing, Jorge is pretty much the expert when it comes to crafting clean and crisp whites.

    • Jorge is now making his own wines, exclusively for Angels.

    • With a huge passion for Galician wines and all the insider know-how, you’re guaranteed to get an absolute gem.

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Jorge's Story

My passion for wine started very early, I come from an area of winemakers, and since I was very young my life has developed among vineyards and wines. That and the respect transmitted by my father and my grandparents to the vine and nature, helped to choose my professional destiny.

I like my work, which is different according to the time of the year in which you find yourself, and that makes it not monotonous and boring. You have to do many things from the harvest until a bottle is consumed on a table

I love the white varieties that are obtained in Galicia (Spain). I also like the red varieties, but in the white I take full advantage of my potential.

For me the most difficult is the challenge we face every new grape vintage. Winemakers have to try each year to make the best possible quality of wine, regardless of whether the vintage has been more rainy, or less, or we have poor fruit health, etc. Therefore it is difficult and beautiful at the same time, every year is different.


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