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Our first ever Bulgarian winemaker...

    • Angel is a man on a mission to raise the profile of Bulgarian wines back to their former glory by making some seriously stunning, premium drops.
    • With selective picking and low intervention winemaking, Angel uses a soft and delicate approach to get the most from his vines.
    • He says "the unbelievable terroir of the Thracian Plain is an amazing foundation that must be preserved" - Angel funding will help him do just that!

Map of the Vineyard

Angel Angelov's Story

"There is a remarkable historical background surrounding the wine making tradition in our region that had been ruined by the unfavourable events from the near past. I took it as a personal mission to work hard for the rebirth of this wine-making tradition. The unbelievable terroir of the Thracian Plain is an amazing foundation that must be preserved and its development must be kept continuing.

There are a lot of things about my job that are to be loved. When I see the smiley faces of my happy customers my heart gets full of satisfaction. That is the main thing – the satisfaction of our customers. Because of my job I met so many wonderful people. It is bliss to go through all of this!

Every fine wine is a complex result of many, many things and hard efforts. The major factor in the making of our wines is the wonderful, unique terroir combined with our highly-experienced wine-making specialists and the long traditions presented in the area.

Naked Wines customers - the Angels, are a part of an amazing market that offers great range of premium wines. This means they have developed a very good wine culture. The one most significant characteristic of a wine lover is his/her strong desire to experiment. We offer high quality wines from a unique terroir, made by traditional techniques, that could not be found anywhere in the world. So, you Angels will get the chance to dive deep down in a whole new world of Thracian wines. Once tasted, I sincerely believe that Angels will fall in love with our wines.

There is a tale of joy from our professional beginning. I still remember when our first three wines - Rose, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot - got awarded with prestigious prizes, such as wine of the year and two silver medals. This fortuned event boosted our mood and gave us the strength to continue. It is not easy to start such an initiative from scratch as we did, so we really needed this sweet moment of recognition.

Our vineyard is still young. We grow it for 10 years now and we continue to grow it. The quality of our vintage is our passion and the main purpose we have been striving for. We undertake selective picking only and treat the vineyard softly, making our wines with less intervention.

Our long-term plans call for establishing an experimental vineyard of organic vines, in a bid to follow our mission to be an organic and bioethical manufacturer, but this proves difficult and any support from Angel funding is more than welcome."

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Wine - Ghana style!

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