Naked Winemaker

Kobie & Faisal

Cult wines from South Africa's Decanter and IWC award-winning winemakers

    • Kobie was head winemaker at South Africa’s ancient Spier winery, with the oldest wine cellar in the land. Faisal was the business brains that transformed Spier into the nation’s most medalled winery in the 1990s.
    • They bought a vineyard right next door to Spier, and for years sold them their grapes, which went into Spier’s top-of-the-range boutique wines.
    • Angel backing now means they use their own grapes to make a range of game-changing wines that have become cult classics at Naked. If you like trying new wines that make you go, ‘where has this been all my life?’, you’ll love Kobie & Faisal.   

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