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Five generations of superb winemaking and this father, daughter duo are going stronger than ever before

  • Virginie and Philippe are a father daughter duo with winemaking in the blood, it's kind of just what the Bernards do... and you bet they do it well. In 1918 the family bought a small plot of land near Dijon, and now 4 generations down the line, what was once a small family Vineyard stretches over 19 hectares.
  • Philippe, one of 8 and Virginie, one of 4, both spent their childhoods surrounded by the vines and picking odd jobs in the cellar - it's simply a matter of tradition. But there was no teenage rebellion to be found here -  whilst both father and daughter have moved away from the family vineyard, Philippe to pursue Oenology and Virginie to work in food, neither could resist returning to the winery and continuing it's legacy.
  • It turns out the pair make one hell of a team who are utterly dedicated to every last inch of the process, from the vine to bottle. They exclusively use traditional methods of winemaking that they have been honing in the Domaine du Clos Saint-Louis for going on five generations. This is small scale winemaking at it's best.

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