Naked Winemaker

Stuart Pym



The man behind some of Australia's most sought after wines including Vasse Felix, Voyager Estate and Stella Bella to name a few

  • Meet Stuart.... Born in Perth, Western Australia, Stuart has been making wine for 31 years. He is the legend behind Vasse Felix, Voyager Estate and Stella Bella just to name a few.
  • Stuart has made wines in the Yarra Valley, Geelong and Bordeaux. He also undertook a study trip to Tuscany and Piedmonte, Burgundy and the Loire as well as Rioja and Priorat. So you could say he has a fair bit of experience!
  • His label, 'Hearts and Bones' celebrates the release of the creative spirit from the constraints of day to day reality. It is thanks to Angel support that this burst of vinous creativity is able to happen.

Stuart's Activity