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Naked's first ever gin makers!

    • Belgian-born Stefan spent the first 15 years of his career in the wine business, before following his passion into the world of spirits... craft gin in particular. 
    • G&Ts are hot in Barcelona and fit perfectly the Spanish life style. Stefan saw a great opportunity to respond to this trend and make an outspoken Mediterranean gin for Barcelona. He and his friend Philippe, made their first batch of gin in March 2013… and he hasn’t looked back since!
    • His Rambla gins have been distilled exclusively for Angels in Spain’s Priorat region – famous for its wine. They're based on the principle of 'terroir', unique in gin-making.

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Stefan Lismond's Story

"I studied 'product development' at the academy of Antwerp and Barcelona. After running for several years a rural hotel with restaurant and bar in the cava region next to Barcelona I decided to dedicate myself to the production of cava and wine and manage export for different high quality wine makers in Catalonia. In 2013 I met my actual partner Philippe who proposed me a joined venture to produce and commercialise spirits and in particular, gin. We made our first batch in March 2013.
G and Ts are hot in Barcelona and fit perfectly the Spanish life style. I saw a great opportunity to respond to this trend and make an outspoken Mediterranean gin for Barcelona. Our Rambla 41 gin is based on the principle of 'terroir', unique in gin-making, which means we only use ingredients from our region: the Priorato. I believe balance is the most important quality in a wine and spirit, and I applied this concept to Rambla 41. Distilling is all about essences and giving a spirit the taste and aromas of a particular terroir looked very appealing to me. Gin is the purest form of alcohol and it has been one of the most beautiful challenges for me to achieve a new style of gin-making.
I love to produce high quality and individual wines and spirits in a sustainable way. This business is about bringing pleasure and joy to the consumer. Enjoying quality, drinking the right spirit or wine at the right moment is an experience that I want to share with everybody.
Something that I think makes our gin special is that first of all we use a grape distilled alcohol as a base, different than the most cereal-distilled gin alcohols. This base alcohol is very rich in aromas and taste and distilled only from the wine lees of the best Priorato producers. The botanicals that we distil are an expression of aromas that only the Mediterranean area has to offer. Opposite to a London Dry Gin, Rambla 41 is very complex, intense and yet gentle and brings all the different aromas in balance to create a unique taste, mouthfeel and experience.
I like most of all a well-balanced and aromatic wine or spirit. Once a great wine maker in Spain told me that in the best wine you shouldn't be able to distinguish any of the varietals or barrel ageing - it should be a complete unique taste with expression of terroir and as natural as possible. A good spirit has to communicate, provoke and awaken the interest of the consumer.
Without the financial input of the Naked Angels it would have been simply impossible for us to produce a custom made craft gin of high quality on such a short time schedule. The production of Rambla 41 consolidates my very young company and helps us enormously to move forward. My gratitude is immense.
Thank you Angels!"

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