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Out of stock - more coming soon. In the meantime try Sacchetto Janus Pinot Grigio 2020

Out of stock - more coming soon. In the meantime try Sacchetto Janus Pinot Grigio 2020

Meet the mother and daughter winemaking duo crafting bright, fresh whites out of Piedmont

    • Camilla and Silvana are the mother-daughter winemaking team, who since 2015, have taken Piedmont by storm with their deliciously light and fruity white wines. They share the same vision for a fully female-run winery, with a mission to preserve ancient winemaking traditions, their heritage and the environment. Their winemaking philosophy starts in the vineyards, where they nurture the grapes from vine to bottle. 
    • Cortese is the grape variety used to produce Gavi di Gavi, and grown in a tiny area of Piedmont. Camilla and Silvana champion the slightly-off-the-beaten-track region - its soothing gentle sea breezes and salty air influences the wine's crisp and refreshing characters. 
    • Camilla and Silvana are winemakers with vision. Angel funding has allowed them to dream big. They not only strive to craft the most expressive Gavi di Gavi but also to boost the profile of the region, often referred to as the 'Chablis of Italy'. 


Map of the Vineyard

Camilla and Silvana's Story

Hi Angels!I’m Camilla and with my mum Silvana we are the owner of Piona winery in Gavi Piedmont! We are so excited to to start this adventure with you!

Our career in the wine world has born in 2015 when we decided to create a total female winery, where the tradition of our terroir can be  translated to those who come after us like an heritage, is important to us preserve the ancient tradition and take care about environment

The wine for us, start before from the vineyards so “to produce a great wine is essential have a healthy and excellent vine”. For us making wine is a passion at every step that leads to the production of the final product;

What makes our wine unique and special is that it never stops evolving, and even after years is a fantastic discover, you can drink it in fresh , young, version as well as , keep it and drink it in 5-8 years, the evolution of our  Gavi is outstanding !

Which varietal / style is your passion and why?
We love the cortese variety , the native grape we use  to produce Gavi, is a fantastic unique variety , that you can only find in this small area of Piemonte in Italy. 
Rich in acidity and sapidity, Gavi and Gavi di Gavi are perfects to be drunk as aperitif as well as with many kind of foods.

Are there any reasons why our customers' money can help you?
We want to expand  our winery and we would like to open a bed&breakfast overlooking the vineyards, currently we are rebuilding the old hose  and with your support we can do it! so please support us, so you can visit Piona Winery and stay at our place to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

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