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Out of stock - more coming soon. In the meantime try Mauricio Lorca Lirico Tannat 2019

A man on a mission to show you the real Malbec

    • Sebastián San Martín is a name you probably haven’t heard before. But we can bet you have tasted one of his wines. He’s worked for some of the biggest wineries in Argentina like Francois Lurton and Argento, learning top tips from some of the world’s best consultant winemakers along the way.
    • After years of being the guy behind the label, Sebastián is thrilled to finally see his name on the bottle. He’s using Angel funding to source grapes from small, family-run vineyards - to show you the ’real’ Malbec. If you’ve only ever drunk mass-produced Malbec that’s been oaked to within an inch of its life, his wines will be a revelation.
    • Sebastián says “I’m so enthusiastic. I have so many things in my head about what we can do. There are many things to be discovered in Argentina, it’s a very special place. To have the chance to show these special grapes and places and history at a valuable price is an honour” - the honour is all ours Sebastián.

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I have been a customer of Naked Wines since January 2009. I added Penny to my profile as she has (with me) met a lot of the Naked winemakers, she never visits the site, but does enjoy the wines. <br /><br />With regard to Naked Wines I have no complaints! Customer service is 10 out of 10. Quality of wines is superb! I have introduced many friends to the concept, not a single one has been disappointed. There are so many good wines on this site! Reds: I am a Rioja man at heart but also like fruity New World reds. Not adverse to a good port with some strong cheese. Have been converted to Languedoc Reds. Whites: Sauvignon blanc, Viogner, Prosecco rather than Champagne but only on cost grounds ;-) I am not a buff, just an ordinary wine drinker, although for my sins I am chairman of our local wine club. My biggest problem is remembering what I liked!