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She's a bright new winemaking light taking Verdejo from strength to exciting strength

  • Rueda has been host to some of Spain's favorite vineyards since the 10th century - established it may be, but pretentious and fusty it certainly ain't. Reyes is one of a handful of the bright young winemaking lights who've made Rueda a name that every self-respecting Spanish wine drinker knows and loves. 
  • Reyes has been working in Rueda for a decade and has dedicated herself to making refreshing, versatile wines with the regions native Verdejo grape at their heart.
  • Over the last 30 years Verdejo has seen a huge revival all over Spain thanks to winemakers like Reyes who are working to give this unsung hero the platform it deserves. These are fresh and lively wines made from exceptionally high quality old vines, using ingenious and enterprising new techniques.

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