Naked Winemaker

Rene Mora



How the grape picker became the winemaker.. Oh we do just love an underdog

  • I arrived in Burgundy from the South of France in 1989, at the time I was a grape picker for the domaine Guy Bocard. I stayed working with Guy for 13 years before leaving to seek new challenges with some big names in and around Burgundy, such as Maison Louis Jadot, Hubert Lamy, Mestre Michelot.
  • When Guy retired in 2020, he asked me to step up to the plate and take over of his Vineyard - I absolutely jumped at the opportunity. I have so many good memories working for Guy - afterall, it was Guy who gave me my start in winemaking and taught me almost everything I know… Returning to take charge of the vineyard makes me feel as though the circle is completed, back to my roots. 
  • I have always been passionate about the culture of the wine and I bring a lot of care to the organic and agroforestry method, which is a hugely important part of my process. I put my whole heart into every single vine, so you can be assured that each wine is made with true passion and love .

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