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Reenen is on a mission to save South Africa's old vineyards

    • Reenen Borman is one of the rising stars of the South Africa wine scene. He made the highest-rated South African red wine ever scored by Tim Atkin, who called him "one of the most talented young winemakers in the world" – high praise from one of the UK’s leading wine boffins.

    • Reenen’s Boschkloof estate, on the edge of Stellenbosch, is a true family-run winery. Reenen makes the wines, his dad Jacques tends to the grapes, and his mum Marina and wife Marli run the office.

    • Reenen sells 90% of his wine to restaurants and bars around the world – so the sudden global closures posed an enormous risk to his family-run winery. Your support will be a total game-changer for his small business.

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Reenen's Story

I grew up on a wine farm in Franschoek, South Africa. I still remember how I drank the left over wine from tourists when I was six years old. The rest is history.

Winemaking is in our family. In 1994 my grandfather bought a piece of property to start their own family wine business, and in 2012 I took over from my father. Producing a unique product that showcases its origin and then to see people enjoy it. Nothing beats the feeling of walking into a restaurant or wine bar and seeing people having a great time while consuming something I made.

It is made in a hands-off manner. The wines should express where they come from. I try to makes wines that have personality, but in a very high quality bracket. I also make wine only from slate or granite soils. I believe these soils are the best at showcasing the vintage and adds great complexity. 

Syrah and Chenin blanc are my passion. Both are very versatile grapes and can express its origin and terroir in a very expressive manner. They bring excitement into the production and consuming side. 

After working in France I learned that winemaking should be part of a lifestyle and to see each year as a new chance to make the best wine that vintage has to offer. Most memorable moment was when I made the highest rated South African red wine ever, scored by an international critic. It confirmed that passion and hard work pays off in time. 

In South Africa the majority grape growing farmers struggle to make ends meet. This leads to exceptional old vineyards and vineyards planted in special locations being removed in order to plant commodities that makes more money. Getting funding and money from the Angels will help me pay better prices for grapes in this mountain terroir and to help ensure these farmers can keep these vineyards rooted in the ground. 

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