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Philippe took a punt on Chenin, and it paid off big time

    • After studying food & wine, Philippe spent some time at a friends vineyard and was so taken with it, that he came straight home and started his own winemaking business with his father.
    • He took a massive gamble back in 2001, when he ripped up their Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc vines in favour of lesser known Chenin Blanc ones. The bold move paid off and nowadays they are producing some of the top Chenin in the region.
    • To Philippe, the beauty of his job is creating delicious wines for people to enjoy. He thrives on the patience and precision required and won’t shy away from taking a little risk every now and then. In short, he’s nailed what being a winemaker is all about!


Map of the Vineyard

One upon a time, the Chenin ...
Since the IXth century, monks had loved and planted Chenin in Anjou. This grape variety for white wine, improved by the mysterious noble rot, has thrived all along the centuries to reach today the excellence or the "Cuvée Privilège".


Once upon a time, the soil ...
Not far from Angers, a long and wide river welcomes a little one which has sculpted an exceptional soil : the Layon. Tributary of the Loire river, the Layon enjoys its early mists and it is on these soils the story began...


Once upon a time, the men ...
Philippe et René Socheleau, fascinated by the soil and in love with the vine, decided to settle there and see what secrets of the land they could reveal...

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