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Natalia Poblete and Maria Jose's Wines

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From studying together to starting a wine company, these ladies have been through it all together

    • Natalia and Maria met in their first week at university, where they studied Agronomy. From that day, they shared a clear dream and passion to make wine which represents the true Chile.

    • Their free spirited, low intervention, method of winemaking allows the flavours from the grapes, soil and terroir all shine through.

    • Natalia and Maria helped a local winegrower after devastating fires tore through the community, buying the fruit to keep his business going. Turns out to be one of the best decisions, and they are still making the same wine 3 years on.

    • They make wines that are balanced, fresh and easy to drink - so one glass can easily turn into a few more.

Map of the Vineyard

Natalia's & Maria's Story

Moretta Wines was born thanks to Natalia Poblete and Maria Jose Ortuzar, friends for 16 years. In 2002, they entered Agronomy at the Catholic University, where they met on the first day and their friendship was born. Throughout their career, they develop a love for wine and during the fourth year they begin to take the Enology and Viticulture courses that they begin to train as Enologist. The year 2007, at the end of the race they have a clear dream of life, in the future they would make their own wine.

We become a winemaker because we are free spiritis, we love to have a diferent thing to do and in a diferent place every day, we love the nature and we love been available to see how the wine chanche through each stage of life. And also we love wines! 

We love all, we have learned to much this past 10 years, have our own wine company is not easy, especially in a men industry. We make the wines with passion, we try to reflect the grapes, the soil, the terroir, the hard work, and our passion in our wines. We intervene at minimun, let the process flow naturally.

Carignan is the first wine we made, our dream start with Carigno del Maule. Our wines are distinguished by having a great fruit expression, balance, freshness and be easy to drink, we want that one glass take you to an other glass an go on. 

Our Ceniciento is a joy along the way, was born the most difficult year we have had so far, 2017, during this year the southern part of Chile was devastated by bush fires. This year we decided to help a producer who had been informed that they were not going to buy his grapes because may be damaged by the fires, he was desolate. We decided to help him and buy his Cabernet Sauvignon, we were very scared and without much faith in the result. We made the wine and we loved  the wine, today we have been making Ceniciento for 3 years.

We are a tiny company right now, but we are growing, and have the oportunity of show our wines gives us the tools to go on making our dream came true.

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