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Out of stock - more coming soon. In the meantime try Camille Cayran Le Chene Noir 2019

Out of stock - more coming soon. In the meantime try Camille Cayran Le Chene Noir 2019

A man on a mission - to make you fall in love with Beaujolais

    • Our first Angel funded Beaujolais winemaker, Michael was worth the wait
    • With over 20 years' experience winemaking in Beaujolais- he is on a mission to impress Angels with his wines
    • Michael has used Angel funding to access the older vineyard, and wants to show you that wine can be powerful and mellow, all at the same time

Map of the Vineyard

Mickael Lachaud's Story

"I have always been passionate about nature since my childhood. During my studies and training in Burgundy I discovered the magic of Oenology.

I started my career in 1991, in the Loire Valley for harvest. After one year in the army (it was compulsory for any French young guy at that time) I found a job in Beaujolais where I have been since 1993.

I love the contact with the grapes, to feel, smell and taste them. This the first step to understand a vintage. Then after, during the winemaking process, the goal is to make the wine that nature had intended.

One motto we carry through each vintage: quality and finesse of the aromas and the taste.

Gamay and Chardonnay would be my two favourite grapes to work with. After working for so much years with them, what I really love and appreciate in those two varietals is that you can, nearly, make any kind of wine with it: from light and fruity to powerful and complex wine.

There is joy are when your work is recognised by awards. Like being the top 10 Chardonnay of the World 2011; Vieilles Vignes 2005,; Vieilles Vignes 1997. One big joy was also to receive the “Grande médaille d’Or” at “Trophée Lyon Beaujolais Nouveau”  for “La Rose Pourpre” in 2012. The next award we are looking for is the Angel seal of approval.

We want to use Angel funding to help Beaujolais to come back in the heart and palate of the customers. And help us to make better wines every year."

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