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Maurizio's Wines

Out of stock - more coming soon. In the meantime try Terrafusa Civetta 2017

A family winery spanning centuries opens its doors to Angels

    • Maurizio’s family has been in the business since 1865 and he is so proud to carry on their tradition of showcasing Italian grapes at their best.

    •  Recently joined by his daughter, Elisa, this is one dynamic duo and they are very excited to share classic Sangiovese flavours with Angels.

    •  Their passion for their wines is palpable and, with family at the heart of everything they do, we just know they are going to be a hit.

Maurizio's Story

"My family has owned the winery since 1865, I was born there as my grandfather and my father were winemakers 

I wanted to continue the family tradition of making wine, I have been making wine since 1993. It was never a burden, I just love being in the vineyards. 

I would describe my wines are classic and traditional. The Sangiovese varietal is my passion because it is our traditional kind of grapes here in Montalcino. 

It was a real moment of joy was when my daughter, Elisa, decided to join me in the winery. Working together we will keep working to improve our wines with each vintage. 

We are both looking forward to working with Naked Angels as we are always very grateful to our customers for their feedback. For appreciating our wines and for giving us the possibility to improve.

We are so excited to introduce our wines to the British market. We are waiting for your reviews! Hope you enjoy our wine."

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