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Passionate Tuscan winemaker fulfilling his life-long dream making top-quality Chianti Classico

  • A child of Tuscany, Maurizio grew up surrounded by some of Italy’s most historic winemaking regions, like Chianti Classico and Brunello di Montalcino, so it’s no surprise he discovered his passion for the craft while he was still just at school.

  • With a winemaking style inspired by his maestro Giulio Gambelli, a giant of Tuscan wine described by Maurizio as ‘the greatest Sangiovese expert of all time’, for over 30 years Maurizio has worked as an oenologist, helping other winemakers around Italy improve their wines - but his roots are very much in Chianti and in 2015 he fulfilled his life-long dream of making his very own wine there.

  • Some people told Maurizio he was crazy to start a project from scratch in Chianti Classico. As one of Italy’s most historic wine regions, he knew he’d have to compete with some proper big name wineries who’d been in the region for generations. But Maurizio revels in a challenge. Putting his 3 decades’ experience to good use, in short order he’s established himself as a producer of top-quality Chianti Classico to rival any of the big boys.

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