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Two brothers making some of the finest Sancerre around

    • Two brothers making some of the finest Sancerre around - now exclusively for Angels
    • This pair don't just turn grapes into wine, they are hands on in the vineyard for the growing process as well. They believe good winemaking starts in the vineyard, so they like to have control over every part of the process.
    • Emile says- "We aim to produce fine, fruity and mineral wines. Pure wines which reflects their "terroir", while respecting the environment."

Map of the Vineyard

Matthias and Emile Roblin's Story

"Matthias studied viticulture and oenology in Lycée Viticole de Beaune in Burgundy and then trained in Bordeaux, Burgundy and South Africa before taking over the family estate in 2000.

I (Emile) also studied viticulture, oenology and the wine trade in Lycée Viticole de Beaune and trained in St-Emilion, Burgundy, plus a few months in California before joining my brother on the family estate in 2006.

We are the 4th generation to make wine in the family, so it was just like an evidence to become winemaker!

The most interesting thing for a winemaker is to make the wine coming from the vineyard where he is working throughout the year. Because before being winemakers, we are winegrowers !

Matthias has been making wine professionally for 18 years and I (Emile), for 12 years. But we started learning winemaking very early on with our father / grand-father when we were children!

It's a very interesting and busy job. We always have to be able to question ourselves. That the way when you are continuously looking for increasing the quality. We want to control everything in the production process, from the pruning to the bottling.

What makes our wines special is the unique terroir of Sancerre which is in a perfect match with our grape variety and of course, the creative hand and sensibility of the winemaker.

Each winegrower in Sancerre has different plots on different soils- this means that you can make your wine so "special" and unique.

Sancerre wines are always single-varietal wines, Sauvignon Blanc for the white and Pinot Noir for the red and rosé.

We aim to produce fine, fruity, straight and mineral wines with always a good freshness. We are looking to make pure wines which reflects their "terroir", while respecting the environment.

In our job, we depend a lot of the "Mother Nature". So, some years we can have a beautiful harvest with the optimum ripeness and the expected yields and conversely, other years we can have bad weather conditions and thus a more difficult ripeness or too low yields.

But we are working in order to have a good regularity depending on the vintage.

The most memorable moment making wine is every year after the alcoholic fermentations when you can taste all the different tanks! That gives you an idea of the aromatic potential and style of the new vintage. We love what we do, and we are so thankful to have the Angels support whilst we do it."

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