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Martin Korrell



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Martin creates complex, classy wines in Germany's Nahe Valley

  • Martin started his life as a winemaker in the Spanish city of Palencia, where he was born. As soon as he had graduated, he took to the road, following harvest through several different countries to discover the incredible diversity of the wine world.

  • He has since settled in the Nahe region of Germany, working tirelessly to create palate pristine wines that reflect this super unique region both authentically and sustainably.

  • Conserving the natural environment he works with is incredibly important to Martin, and he’s putting your hard earned Angle pennies towards protecting old vines in the Nahe. Vines like these produce grapes of an incredible quality but in very low yields, so they’re constantly under threat of being bulldozed by developers. Martin is dedicated to their protection and making fantastic wines along the way.

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