Naked Winemaker

Marko Stojakovic

North Macedonia


Marko's Wines

  • North Macedonia
  • 2 wines
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We were casting the net across Eastern Europe, and we landed Marko first cast

  • We’d been looking for a good Macedonian wine for ages. Turns out the missing ingredient was Marko. He's had a top-flight career in France, making some of the world’s most famous drops, including Chateau Palmer in Margaux, and Vieux Telegraphe in Châteauneuf du Pape.

  • Marko could have settled for being toasted in the salons of Paris. Instead, he gave it all up and went back to his roots. He’s a passionate Macedonian who knew his homeland had the potential for amazing wines. But finding markets for the unfashionable region was tough, until he found Naked, and we found him. A panel of Archangels tasted the wine he sent in, and absolutely loved it.

  • Marko told us his dream was to find a bigger audience to showcase his country’s wines. We explained how over 300,000 Angels were waiting to drink them. It felt like a marriage made in heaven. So we shook on it.

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