Naked Winemaker

Lady Ramirez Ibarbe



Our first Chilean ginmaker followed her heart into the distillery

  • Lady may have started her career as an engineer but she quickly followed her heart into the distillery where she has gone on to make award winning pisco and pajarete alongside her sisters, Cecilia and Sandra. Never one to shy away from a challenge, in 2014 she decided to take the leap into the world of gin...
  • Chile isn’t a well known gin producer so breaking into the industry was no mean feat! The trio subjected many a bartender to sample after sample before settling on a blend that’s bursting with botanicals as unique as the area they grow in.
  • It’s all thanks to Angel funding that this family run distillery on the edge of the Atacama desert can bring a taste of Chile straight to your front door and Lady couldn’t be more grateful!

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