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Born and bred Medoc winemaker who revolutionised his father's estate

  • The son of a grape-grower in the heart of the Medoc, Guillaume always knew he would one day take over the vineyards worked by his father, and his father before him. But it was his visits to the local cooperative - where his dad’s grapes were blended in with other growers’ - that sparked a passion for winemaking in young Guillaume’s mind.

  • When he did take over the family vines 30 years ago, all Guillaume had to work with was a few spare tanks and some barrels he found lying around. In the decades since, he’s revolutionised his father’s estate into a fully-kitted out winemaking workshop where he can tinker with every stage of the winemaking process, with a perfectionist’s eye for quality.

  • His proudest moment was when he won Cru Bourgeois status in 2012, this special honour is awarded only to exceptional Medoc wines that aren’t from the old, big-name chateaus - as a stamp of top quality. It’s a testament to what Guillaume has been able to achieve at his dad’s old estate, and remarkably, he still sees more potential to come out of the old Poitevin vines. Potential he hopes to pass on to the next generation of family grape-growers.

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