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Out of stock - more coming soon. In the meantime try Hacienda Don Hernan Rioja Gran Reserva 2011

Out of stock - more coming soon. In the meantime try Hacienda Don Hernan Rioja Gran Reserva 2011

Out of stock - more coming soon. In the meantime try Castillo Catadau Blanco 2019

Quiet, unassuming winemaker making his pet-project Embeleso range exclusively for Angels

    • A gentle, modest young guy...with very little to be modest about. After all how many winemakers his age have managed to win 90 points from the world's most influential wine critic, Robert Parker
    • Burgo Viejo is owned by 6 families of farmers, not winemakers or salesmen. They used to simply sell their grapes and never see the true products of their labours. Then Gorka came to save the day and showed them exactly how good their grapes were!
    • His second love is head banging guitar...and having tasted his wines, and heard his music, we should all be grateful that wine is his first love! Save everyone's ear drums, support this winemaker in his fantastic contribution to Spanish wines.

Map of the Vineyard

Gorka Etxebarria's Story

"Other than my second great love, which is playing the electric guitar in a rock band, wine is my life and passion. It's a magical career and I was hooked as soon as I started training.

The thing I love the most is that this work is a kind of art. There are no recipes: each grape, each wine, each vineyard, each year, each barrel -  all are different and need different decisions depending on the moment and everyday there is something new to learn. When somebody tastes and likes your wine it is an amazing reward. Then you know that all that hard work is worthwhile!

I have a fantastic team at Burgo Viejo - Carlos is my right-hand man in the cellar, and we have a dedicated group of vinegrowers. Between us, we make sure that each wine we create is produced with the best grapes available, whether we're making 100,000 bottles or 5,000 bottles.

If you are ever in Rioja, please come and visit us - I love going on holidays to vineyards, a great way to spend your time relaxing!"

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