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7 generations of winemakers revealing the stars of Savoy

    • Growing up with both his father and grandfather constantly out in the vineyards, how could Gilles not fall in love with wine?! He’s never more enthusiastic than when he is championing local varieties such as the Jacquere (between us that’s a fresh, fruity and very easy drinking grape...yum.)
    •  A few years ago they hit hard times with frosts wiping out 40% of their harvest. If ever there was a place that Angel funding could make a huge difference it’s here.
    • Gilles is so excited to join the Naked family. Thanks to you, he can now, along with his brothers Philippe and Christophe, carry on the family tradition with pride.

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Gille's Story

"I am working alongside my two brothers, Philippe and Christophe. Also with my nephew Alexander who is busy working to become the next winemaker of our family vineyard. I studied economics at university and I learned how to make wines with my grandfather Jean, 25 years ago.

It was inevitable that I would work in our family vineyard alongside my grandfather, father and brothers as we always talked about wine at home!

It has gone so fast, but I have now been working with wine for 25 years.

Each year is different. We never know in advance what the new vintage will be like, and it is always a new challenge to make the best wine we can.

In Savoie, we have the chance to use indigenous grapes, and we produce unique, fresh and unexpected mountain wines that are a pleasure to drink. An example of one of these grapes is Jacquere which pairs beautifully with so many different meals.

Each year harvest is different with many ups and downs. For example, one year we suffered a spring frost where we lost 40% of the total harvest but the 2018 harvest was an incredible one. Nobody had seen a vintage like it before with a such great quality and quantity of fruit.

We had financial difficulties 3 years ago, and now, we have to restructure ourselves to continue our great family adventure that has lasted 7 generations. We would love the support of the Angels to keep doing what we love."

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Pauline Dawson
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We all make mistakes sometimes but if it is honest and genuine use it as a learning curve in life and do not waste time dwelling on it!

Simon (& Penny) Fisher
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I have been a customer of Naked Wines since January 2009. I added Penny to my profile as she has (with me) met a lot of the Naked winemakers, she never visits the site, but does enjoy the wines. <br /><br />With regard to Naked Wines I have no complaints! Customer service is 10 out of 10. Quality of wines is superb! I have introduced many friends to the concept, not a single one has been disappointed. There are so many good wines on this site! Reds: I am a Rioja man at heart but also like fruity New World reds. Not adverse to a good port with some strong cheese. Have been converted to Languedoc Reds. Whites: Sauvignon blanc, Viogner, Prosecco rather than Champagne but only on cost grounds ;-) I am not a buff, just an ordinary wine drinker, although for my sins I am chairman of our local wine club. My biggest problem is remembering what I liked!