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Felipe's Wines

Award-winning winemaker bringing you sophistication and style

    • The man behind our Marina -  the 90 Parker Point winning Best Sauvignon Blanc in Chile.
    • Highly involved with MOVI, Chile's movement of boutique and independent winemakers.  You know every drop will be made with love and care.  
    • Passionate about beautiful, intense high-end wines, just try them and see!

Map of the Vineyard

Felipe's Story

"Born and raised in Santiago, Chile. I studied agronomy and winemaking at Universidad de Chile

I entered this world of winemaking just for fun. How? When I was studying agronomy I meet a couple of friends older than me in the speciality of Winemaking. They taught me about wine, how to feel and how to perceive the different aromas and taste. Since that day I decide that I wanted to learn about wine. After that I started the speciality and finally here I’m totally in love with wine.

For the last 18 years of my live I have been making wine – and I still love it just as much as when I started.

To make wine gives you the opportunity to be connected with the natural environment and the country, the people that work the vineyards and people that drink the wine. Every year you have the opportunity to do it better. Every year is a new challenge, a new start.

I think all my wines have a connection, the acidity, the freshness. we build wines with big palate but with a very important freshness. All my wines, from Sauvignon Blanc to Carignan will keep that character. i will never bottled a wine if i don’t like it and if is not perfect for the people.

For whites, Sauvignon Blanc, is the wine that I love and drink. I think is related with the kind of food that I like, oysters, ceviche, wow!

For reds it has to be Carignan, I love this wine, because it have great tannins and super nice acidity, strong and fresh and also a great aging

I love working with Naked because it is the only place in the world, that you can make wines, in a direct way with the customers. And that contact, it gives you the base to start your project and grow in a very calm way. I think no other company do the same for their winemakers. I have lot of ideas, i just need Angels support!"

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