Naked Winemaker

Cristián Aliaga



He's worked all over the world but, to Cristián, there's no place like home

  • A young Cristián Aliaga dreamed of becoming a dentist. Luckily for us when the time came to head to university it was roots not root canals that really piqued his interest.

  • He’s been a winemaker for over half his life now, working all over the world in some seriously posh wineries, including Saintsbury in the USA, Chateau Dillon in France and Villa Maria in New Zealand.

  • Cristián returned to Chile in 2013 - and, along with 2 friends, started ‘3 Monos’ wines. Literally translated it means ‘3 Monkeys’ and together they create super plush wines from special vineyards that showcase the best of their homeland. He’s so grateful for Angel support and can’t wait to hear what you think!

Cristián's Activity