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These fresh faced brothers are about to introduce you to your new year round, go-to favourite tipple

  • Christophe and Sebastien have two golden rules for their wines - they've got to be easy drinkers and you've got to be able to enjoy them all year round. Now those are the kind of rules we can get onboard with.
  • These brothers are the fresh faces behind their family winery based among the vineyards of Gascony, where their family have been living since the 15th century (the village hall has the archives to prove it)! They've been at the helm since 2002 and have gone from strength to strength ever since.
  • Their wines are strikingly aromatic, fresh and a dead cert to become a favourite on anyone and everyone's wine racks, from our Naked newbies all the way to the brainy wine-buffs among us. From the heights of summer, to the drabbest of January evenings.

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