Naked Winemaker

Bethan Higson



Meet the mother of Mother Root...

  • A small artisan producer living in Peckham with her husband, two boys and their elderly dog George, Bethan Higson is the creator of Mother Root... and her delicious ginger switchel might just be the perfect alcohol-free drink.

  • Bethan stumbled into switchel-making in a roundabout way, after a 10-year career in the wine and spirits trade... “I was pregnant with my first child and craving something that would give me the same acidic bite as my favourite white wines. So I was Googling and it led me to an old article about bartenders using an ancient vinegar drinking tradition to make cocktails with more diverse flavours. Turns out vinegar is a great flavour amplifier, so it’s perfect for making non-alcoholic drinks too. Armed with my wonder ingredient I began experimenting with other ingredients and winemaking techniques like maceration, blending and ageing. And that’s how Mother Root was born.”

  • She’s the perfect fit for Naked Wines. Her obsession with quality and attention to detail mirror the same commitment we see in all our winemakers. It’s that level of passion which makes her switchel so unique, and why we’re proud to bring it to Angels.

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