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A trailblazing Austrian winemaker going against the grain with delicate and elegant Blaufränkisch wine

  • Bernhard's winemaking dream began as a small business run out of his garage. Through passion and grit, he soon settled into a winery in Eastern-Austria, turning it into a sustainably certified operation. Joined by his wife, Sylvia, they are now working towards full organic certification.
  • Bernhard is most passionate about the juicy berry and lightly spicy flavoured Blaufränkisch grape variety. Grown in vineyards with dense clay soils, Blaufränkisch can be heavy and concentrated, but Bernhard has proved a dab hand at turning his favourite grape into delicate and elegant red wines.
  • He says: "when you start from zero, you remember little instances from along the way. From selling my first bottle, experimenting with different blends to moving towards sustainability, the winemaking journey is filled with great memories".

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