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Andres's Wines

One of the founding members of MOVI, a movement of small independent Chilean winemakers

    • A family-run business set-up in 1990 by Francisco Gillmore and his daughter and son-in-law
    • They have a very simple philosophy of using the best fruit, to produce small parcels of fine mouth-watering wine
    • Members of MOVI, Chile's movement for boutique, independent winemakers, we're chuffed to be teaming up with Andres and team!

Map of the Vineyard

Andres Sanchez's Story

 “I was born in Santiago, and I decide to study enology, I went to University here in Chile. When I was studing it was amazing to see the grapes, the different flavors, areas, and wines. In my second year I worked for the summer at la Rosa winery, then I did my first harvest at Casa Donoso with Randy Ullom from KJ, and that Winter I work with him assisting with the blendings. When I finish university I went to California to work with Randy and I was there for 4 months.When I came back I became the assitant wine maker for Calina. In 1997 we were buying grapes from Limari to Itata, making Wines all over Chile`s grape area. In 1999 I went to Tuscany for the harvest and in 2000 I became winemaker for Calina in Chile and Mendoza and consulting in Italy.

 In 2003 I decided to be independent and I became consulting winemaker for Calina, El Principal, Reserva de Caliboro, Altos de Mujica and some small wineries from the Loncomilla Valley and Mayor Winemaker at Gillmore a family proyect were I work with my wife. In these years I have been trying to make the best Wines from loncomilla valley and show to the people the potencial of the area. Now is my time to make my own wines! I am very excited about working just for myself getting to do this with Naked Wines support is amazing.

 I`m a very passionate man I love to create and work in an artisan way. I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to make wines and be involve in all the whole process. Life is great.”

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