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Alvaro's continuing his father's legacy - making exceptionally quaffable, top-class sherries

    • Not just one of the most famous horseriders in Spain, Alvaro's continuing his father's legacy - making exceptional, top-class sherries.
    • He uses traditional ageing methods that have been in his family for generations, which separates him from the multitude of low-quality, high-volume producers.
    • Alvaro's sherries are the most approachable we've found - exceptional value with 'quaffable' written all over them.

Alvaro Domecq's Story

"My family, apart from being very closely associated with the world of sherry wines and vinegar we are also recognised as being the leading family when it comes to Spanish horses and fighting bulls!
My father has a proud history - his name was also Alvaro Domecq and he was the Managing Director of the Domecq wine business. He was a very recognised bullfighter and was the first to reinstate the art of bullfighting on horseback which is called 'rejoneo'. He was one of the world's most famous 'rejoneadores' of all time who regularly fought in plazas throughout Spain, Mexico, Portugal, etc. In 2005 he sadly passed away, and now it is my job to carry on his legacy.
I too am a keen horserider and I debuted in my first bullfight when I was 6! Since then I have taken part in over 2000 bullfights on horseback in plazas in various countries. Since retiring in 1985, I actually spend most of my time at the helm of the Royal Andalucian School of Equestrian Art in Spain. 

I also am a breeder of the Spanish Horse. My horses have participated in many international events and won several medals at the Olympics. My horses which were ridden by my nephews and nieces were part of the welcoming ceremony of Pope Benedict XVI when he visited Madrid in 2011!
Apart from all of these activities I am also the founder and president of Bodegas Alvaro Domecq - known for our sherries which I am very pleased that you Angels now have the opportunity to try.
My motto: Horses are my life; bulls my passion; my winery my blood and my land my freedom.
I love my job and it is a tremendous joy for me and all of my family and friends to be able to continue this passion for producing and ageing our sherries.
When I hear from people that they enjoy my wines I really begin to feel truly happy and proud, so I am excited to hear what you all think."

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