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First-rate, organic wines from the most distinctive appellation in France

  • Alain’s historical winery Château de Crémat sits in the heart of Bellet, Nice - one of the most distinctive and historic appellations in France. With a teeny 60 hectares of vines to its name, this is a winemaking enclave that proves that good things really do come in small packages.
  • A man with a taste for niche wines and unique land (he spent the last 15 years as Head of Culture at an ancient monastery in the French Riviera) - Alain was drawn to Bellet's mystique, and has since fallen head over heels for the magical appellation and its potential for exceptional wines.
  • He played an important role in the conversation that made Bellet the first appellation in France to convert to 100% organic agriculture, encouraging healthier well-structured soils, and more defined, flavourful wines. It requires resilience and constant high-standards, but results in some of the most expressive reds, floral whites, and stylish rosé you’ll ever taste.


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