Share a glass with your favourite winemakers

We'll wind around the UK with a tour bus full of your winemakers who have travelled from all around the globe to share a glass with you.

It's the perfect opportunity to find a new favourite and pick the brains of the winemaking legends behind the wines. You'll also be the first to taste some of their newest creations, and get your hands on a few special treats.

Plus... if you fancy stocking up on a few of the wines you've tasted, you can order on the night and get your ticket money back.*

Tasting Tour

*You need to be registered and logged-in to order tickets, or you can register and order over the phone. Note that tickets are limited in number and will be allocated on a first come / first serve basis. For every 12 bottles (excluding pre-orders) you order on the day, we'll knock the value of one ticket off, up to the number of tickets you've purchased on your account. i.e. the tasting is effectively free! And this is on top of your usual Angel discount. N.B. If you've gifted a ticket to a friend, it's up to you whether they get to claim the discount or you do! If you're new to Naked Wines and want to become an Angel on the day, we'll give you £40 off your first case plus the standard Angel discount. And if you want to buy additional cases, the above deal stands! Standard delivery charges and T&Cs apply to all orders, which can be found at We will store your order form securely for 2 months, just in case we need to double check anything. Then we'll pop it in the shredder. N.B. Due to licensing restrictions there is a strict no under-18's policy on the event and this includes babies and children in pushchairs, so please arrange a babysitter! Photographs & Videos: There's a possibility that we might capture you in the background of a photograph or video at the event. If you're concerned about your image being used on our website in the future, just let one of us know before the tasting! Event cancellation: If we have to cancel an event for one reason or another, we'll email you to let you know and refund the price of the tickets back on to your account. It can take a few days to process before you see the money back on your account. Unfortunately if we do have to cancel, we will not be able to reimburse for any personal expenses (hotels, train tickets etc.).