Discover our Tasting Packs

Fancy joining us for a LIVE online tasting event? We'll send you a selection of wines in a letterbox-friendly tasting pack to enjoy in a masterclass with your Wine Guys. It's the perfect opportunity to find out more about the wines you love, or to discover a new favourite from the comfort of your sofa.

What to expect from your tasting pack

Upcoming events

We've got a juicy line up for 2022 - get your name on the list for any (or all) of the tasting events that take your fancy and we'll keep you posted. Dates are TBC, we'll make sure we keep you in the loop for any you've signed up for.

An evening with your winemakers

Taste some of our bestselling wines with the talented winemakers who made them, as they give you the inside track on exactly how they make their very best stuff.

Fine Wine Tasting

Discover 6 of the most refined bottles on the Naked shelves - sip along in our Fine Wine tastings and find out how your winemakers take these super high-end bottles to the next classy level.

Buff up on your wine knowledge

Toby, our Wine Guru and WSET trained boffin, is hosting two sessions to pick apart the world of wine - it's the perfect opportunity to brush up on your wine know-how and ask any burning questions.

Off the Beaten Track

Discover totally unique wines made using unusual grape varieties and or lesser-known wine regions that taste every bit as good as their famous friends.

New wines and winemakers

You heard it here first - get to know the Naked heroes of tomorrow and be one of the first to taste the wines that will become the next Angel must-haves.

Catch up on our previous tastings

The Ultimate Wine Crash Course

Join your Wine Guys for a deep dive into all things wine - whether you’re a wine-loving newbie, or a clued up wine buff, these are the 6 iconic wines you need to taste for the ultimate intro to wine.

Sweet Spot Showdown

Discover the Sweet Spot with Ray, Rod, Rodolfo and Nina, and taste the huge difference a small step in price makes

Winemakers Guide to Christmas

Ray shared a glass with five of your favourite winemakers from around the globe - Bill, Claudia, Rafael, Nuria and Oscar, to find out about their festive traditions and failsafe Christmas recipes.

Ultimate Festive Fine Wine Tasting

Matt is joined by a couple of our winemaking ledgends for a deep dive into our fine wines - whatever the occassion these are the wines that are guaranteed to bring the sparkle to your dinner table.

Siptember Off the Beaten Track

Ray and Matt sip through 6 refreshingly new and unusual wines from regions that are making serious waves and truning heads in the world of wine.

Siptember Wine Crash Course

Join Ray and Matt in their first LIVE online wine crash course - sip along as your Wine Guys introduce you to 6 different styles and grapes in a step-by-step guide to the good stuff

Christian Patat

Ray, sat down with Naked winemaking icon, Christian Patat, and hundreds of Angels for our first ever tasting pack event.