Rambla 41 Citric Mediterranean Dry Gin

by Stefan Lismond

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Stefan has made a classic mediterranean gin packed with citrusy intensity

    • My gins are like my babies, and thanks to your support this is my third (and probably my favourite) gin. I’m like a proud father!

    • This year I went a bit more classical. Citrus fruits and gin have always been a classic combination. I wanted to bring a taste of the Mediterranean and all of the wonderful citrus fruit we have. Orange, mandarin and lemon, but the main ingredient is grapefruit - in my opinion one of the most beautiful citrics. 

    • This gin is only possible because you believe in me. I hope you are rewarded with the taste of sunshine, the Mediteranean sea, fun times in Barcelona. You can taste it all in there. So sip it and see - it’s an experience, much more than a gin and tonic, it’s a party in a glass! 

      Stefan Lismond, Ginmaker

Spain (Catalonia)

40.00% Alc




Contains nuts. Always check the label

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