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Out of stock - more coming soon. In the meantime try Kimbao Pedro Ximenez 2019

Out of stock - more coming soon. In the meantime try Kimbao Pedro Ximenez 2019

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Naked's first Greek winemaker - Yiannis was worth the wait!

    • You asked for hidden gems, so we went in search of something new for you. We are thrilled to introduce Yiannis, our first Greek winemaker.
    • Yiannis Troupis' small family-run vineyard, situated 700m above sea level in the heart of the ancient Mantinia appellation, still does things the old way, lovingly tending the vines by hand.
    • Their wines were always gobbled up locally, but Yiannis' dream was for people the world over to taste his wine. In fact he'd just bought a load of new winemaking kit when the Greek economy went over a cliff, taking his expansion plans with it. Time for Angel funding to get to work!

Map of the Vineyard

Yiannis Troupis's Story

"I finished my studies in Agriculture at Newcastle upon Tyne University in 1998. I am so pleased that my wines will now be available in the UK!

Later, I did my MSc in Crop Science (Integrated Pest Management) at Wageningen University, Holland.

I am married and I have two kids, Anastassis 8 yrs old and Miranda 6 years old. My wife, Konstantina is an English teacher.

Our winery lies in the heart of Ancient Mantinia, just a few kilometers away from the ancient theatre of Mantinia, which dates back to the 3rd- 4th century BC.

The label of Mantinia Troupis was symbolically inspired by the history of its land where its origin can be traced.

Diotima, whom Socrates acknowledges as his teacher and attributes his knowledge and views about Eros (love) to her, used to be the priestess at the well-known oracle of ancient Mantinia.

For Diotima, Eros (love) is a daimon, a kind of mediator between gods and humans. He was born from the union of Porus (abundance) and Penia (poverty) in the garden of Zeus, after a great feast where all deities had been gathered.

According to books, Eros (love) has nothing to do with physical attraction or human motives but represents the quest for anything real and beautiful. For Diotima, Eros is a being which is neither immortal nor mortal. He is forever in need because of his mother Penia (poverty). At the same time, he bears resemblance to his father Poros as he is always plotting against the fair and good; he is bold, enterprising, strong, a mighty hunter, always weaving some intrigue or other, accomplishing but also providing wisdom; a philosopher at all times just like people who are halfway between literacy and illiteracy, characteristics of his father Porus.

As for the wings on the label of Mantinia Troupis, they are attached on Eros, symbolize victory as well as a professional and social evolution.

Finally, the wings being part of birds symbolize the lightness and closeness to the sky therefore someone who is ambitious, light and generous.

The labels “Fteri” were first launched in 2010 and they actually placed Troupis winery on the Greek wine map and later worldwide since the first exports started with “Fteri Moschofilero”.

The labels were exclusively inspired by the name of the region, where the winery is situated along with a large part of our privately-owned vineyards, where lots of ferns grow.

In the early years - before and after the war in Greece - only the wealthy inhabitants of Tripolis used to own vineyards with towers or chateaus at Fteri which were nothing more than one storey or two storey little houses or even huts. The owners of the vineyards used to keep some wine in the basement of their houses to cater for their needs and the rest was given to people of the area who worked hard on commission to earn their living.

Today, the vineyards are exclusively owned by vine growers who kindly offer the wine of Mantinia to wine lovers.

Our winery is situated within the boundaries of ancient Mantinia, in the heart of the wine road region.   

Our vineyards are located at the Arcadian Plateau, at an altitude of 700m above sea level, in the heart of Mantinea P.D.O zone, in the region called Fteri.

The Moschofilero Grape is the dominant variety in our vineyards.

The soil-climate combination is ideal for maintaining the characteristics of the grape variety.

The soil, on the one hand, with its sandy-clay composition, contributes not only to the easy nutrient intake by the roots but also to the efficient drainage of the first autumn rains. The climate, on the other hand, with the cool summer nights and the warm daily temperatures in September, helps in the preservation of the so-called characteristic aromas of the Moschofilero Grape and the crispy acidity until the harvest in the beginning of October."

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