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Meet the man behind the first Naked Whisky who brought a long-lost family blend back to life

  • Years ago Rupert had a wild idea to start his own whisky business. He knew he needed to gain experience in the industry first, so he set off to travel the world selling scotch and made contacts all over Scotland.
  • A chance discovery in 2016 gave him the nudge to go it alone. He came across the whisky ledgers of his great great grandfather, James Eadie. They revealed the secrets behind a once highly-regarded family blend, and Rupert knew he had to revive it.
  • He persuaded one of Scotland’s most experienced and distinguished Master Blenders, Norman Mathison, to come out of retirement and the pair have worked tirelessly ever since. Norman’s skill, Rupert’s dedication and Angels' support has brought this blend back to life... and it stands out from the crowd today, just as it did 170 years ago.

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