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    • Riccardo is a man who can turn his hand to anything and produce magic. Whether it’s football, guitar or building his own IT company from the ground up, he has always been a success. And this trend continued into wine!
    • Finding the perfect spot in the Italian countryside, his vineyards are cultivated with care and the grapes are picked with passion.  
    • Riccardo's Montepulciano was chosen by hundreds of Angels in a blind tasting on our summer Tasting Tour.  

Map of the Vineyard

Riccardo's Story

There is a line that I like and often repeat: “nothing happens by accident”.  There is a reason why I am now producing wine for Naked Wines’ Angels, and it is an important step on the long path that brought me this far.

In my life, passion for wine was brought by my family, already as a child, when I was playing in the Abruzzo countryside and breathing the smell of fermenting must. Back then, I had no idea of what my future would have been, I just played football in the street and played the guitar. The music has always been a passion and a great companion, up until today, even after more than one hundred concerts with my group, the “Acanto”.

Growing up I discovered another passion, computer science: together with some friends, starting like many others in our parent's’ garages, we started the Company Micso Internet Solutions, which now counts 70 employees. We bring internet service in areas that are difficult to reach. I always liked the idea of helping people communicate with each other, because it is from the exchange of ideas that great projects are born.

Speaking of which… well, I always had a project in my mind, the most intimate and strong: making my wine, my way. That’s how, when I first saw the natural oasis of Rosarubra, I understood that my path had found its starting point. These vineyards far away from the main road, almost on the mountains, shielded by secular oak woods, cultivated with constant loving care, made me fall in love. I bought it in 2012 and since then I and my team have been working to enhance the biodiversity, the fertility of the soil, the balance and health of the whole estate. 

Still, something was missing. Another place was waiting for me, to bring my experience and vision. This place is called Torano Nuovo, where Torri Cantine is located: another piece of my wine story, another important part of the project. A beautiful and important winery, reference point for the whole area for 50 years, was going to collapse under the recent economic crisis. I was fascinated by the history of the winery, the cement vats of the 60s, the big oak barrels of Montepulciano, witnessing the many people who worked in the vineyards and in the cellar, where the hallways still smelled of fresh fermented wine. I couldn’t let it go, so I added this important piece of the puzzle to my wine picture.  Now, together with trusted associates and employees, we are writing a new chapter in this story, with our personal touch and restless dedication.

The area where the vineyards and the cellar are located is between the Adriatic sea and the Gran Sasso mountains, therefore it benefits from the sea breezes that blow through the grapes keeping them healthy, and those from the mountains, giving a fairly wide temperature range. The vineyards and the winery have been turned into organic already a few years ago, and we added even more attention to the fertility of the soil and the natural balance of the vineyards, hence their fruits. 

I believe that it is this philosophy and constant work what allowed us to become part of the Naked Wines producers. It is a great achievement for me and my team, I hope a pleasure for you to discover. 

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