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Out of stock - more coming soon. In the meantime try Raats Bush Vine Chenin Blanc Limited Release 2019

Reenen is on a mission to save South Africa's old vineyards

    • Growing up, Reenen could be found sipping leftover wine at the family winery so it's safe to say he’s been destined for a life in the vineyards from a young age!

    • He took charge of the family business back in 2012 and has been busy producing some seriously fine wines ever since. Look out for delicious drops of Syrah and Chenin Blanc; they top his favourites list thanks to their ability to showcase the flavours and aromas of their terroir beautifully. 

    • Vineyards in South Africa are often ripped up as farmers turn to more profitable crops, but, thanks to Angel funding, Reenen is able to pay growers a good price for their grapes, meaning many old and exceptional vineyards stay rooted in the ground; where they belong!

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