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Núria Altés and Rafael de Haan

Angels threw Núria and Rafael a lifeline. Now they're repaying you with authentic wines from the Terra Alta region

    • Núria Altés comes from a long line of grape-growers. From playing in her grandfather’s vines as a child to bottling her first wine with her father’s grapes, Núria is proud of her winemaking roots. So in 2010 Núria and her partner Rafael set up a little winery in the Terra Alta region - called Herència Altés. 
    • What makes their wines so special is the grapes come exclusively from Núria's family vineyards which hosts a selection of seasoned old vines ranging from 40 to 90 years old. In other words your getting impeccaple concentrated flavours you don't find on the average supermarket shelf.
    • They’ve gone from strength to strength, picking up awards and Parker Points galore. That was until Covid-19 turned their world upside down. Luckily, 3,000 Angels stepped in and snapped a case of their premium wines. Angel support means they can plan their future harvests with confidence.

Núria Altés and Rafael's Activity