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Meet Natalia... Chile's Young Winemaker of the Year 2018 and a rising star who's about to go supernova

  • When our Wine Guy Ray came back from his epic discovery trip to South America, there was only one person he wanted to talk about… Natalia Poblete. A rising star of Chilean wine, she’s earned a burgeoning reputation in her country for her beautifully complex artisan wines. And she was even named Chile’s Young Winemaker of the Year in 2018.

  • We first tasted Natalia’s kit way back in 2019. It made us stop in our tracks and think ‘ooh, we could be onto something special here’. Fast forward to February 2023 and we asked her if she could knock-up a super-duper-delicious Chilean Merlot for our Angels. One sip and Ray got the little butterflies in his stomach. It was that good.

  • She’s a super-cool lady too, a bit like a Chilean version of Nina Stocker or Serena Cordero, with an incredible passion for her craft and quiet confidence in her own talent. We feel like we’ve reconnected with a long-lost member of the Naked family. And we’re so lucky to have crossed paths with Natalia when we did, because give it another few years and the whole world will be clamouring for her wines.

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