Naked Winemaker

Natalia Poblete and Maria Jose Ortuzar



From studying together to starting a wine company, these ladies have been through it all together

  • Natalia and Maria met in their first week at university, where they studied Agronomy. From that day, they shared a clear dream and passion to make wine which represents the true Chile.

  • Their free spirited, low intervention, method of winemaking allows the flavours from the grapes, soil and terroir all shine through.

  • Natalia and Maria helped a local winegrower after devastating fires tore through the community, buying the fruit to keep his business going. Turns out to be one of the best decisions, and they are still making the same wine 3 years on.

  • They make wines that are balanced, fresh and easy to drink - so one glass can easily turn into a few more.

Natalia Poblete and Maria Jose's Activity