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Talented English émigrés who broke into the exclusive Burgundy club with their super-high-quality, artisan wines

  • The Raggs have been producing super-posh Burgundy kit since 2004, when they first crossed the channel to turn this famous French region into their home away from home. 

  • Burgundy is one of the most celebrated yet traditional wine regions on the planet, which can make it very tough for outsiders like Michael and Fiona to break through. But having started from square one, they’ve now grown their Mischief and Mayhem winery into a fully-fledged Domaine with some of the finest Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in the world. They're practically honorary French at this point.

  • While the locals might scratch their heads at some of the new and exotic approaches this English pair take in the vineyard, one thing they definitely recognise is the quality of the wines they’re making - it’s truly artisan, hand-crafted, world-class stuff.

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