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Out of stock - more coming soon. In the meantime try Herencia Altes La Imprudent 2019

Using his New World experience in Old World Mediterranean Spain

    • Jorge learnt the ropes in top Chilean and Californian wineries including Ravenswood. His dream is to make the best new world styles in old world Mediterranean Spain.
    • Although he's head winemaker in a huge winery, his passion is getting into a small pet project of his own to show that Valencia can be just as great as Rioja.
    • Without Angel funding, Jorge would never have been able to give his dreams legs - you've allowed him the time, and provided him with the oak barrels and all the tools he needs to make the ultimate, authentic Valencian wines for you.

Map of the Vineyard

Jorge Caus-Pertegaz's Story

"I was born in the heart of Valencia City, surrounded by buildings, a lot of cars and asphalt. No vineyards were around me. Because of this and also because I like wine I decided to go outside the city and to discover Spanish Vineyards. The rest is history!

After a period of training in Valencia and California I went back home and I began my work in La Vina, first as a manager for Quality and currently as a Technical Manager. La Vina is located in the charming village of Fuente La Higuera, literally 'Fountain of The Fig Tree', some 100 km south of Valencia City on Spain's Mediterranean coast.

Although I am the head winemaker in a huge winery, my personal passion is going into a pet show that Valencia can make wines to compete with the best of Rioja.

What do I love about being a winemaker? Well, I get to drink lots of wine for free! And I get to work with something that makes life more enjoyable."

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Just loving the wines :-)

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Wine knowledge is found at the end of every bottle

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I am a 54 year old owner of a Financial Solutions Company based in Kent. Married father of three, with an interest in wine that most would consider less than healthy. <BR><BR>Drink mostly reds, but depending on dinner love sharp crisp tasting whites with fish or chicken. <BR><BR>Rose, well that is just summer so between the months of June and September you might catch me with the odd case in the cellar. <BR><BR>Love anything with bubbles, so that includes unusual beers and bubbly. <BR><BR>Glad to have found this site not long after it started. A true 21st Century success story!!!