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On a mission to put the unsung region of Bierzo on the map

    • We decided our Spanish range wouldn't be complete without wines from Bierzo in North West Spain - an often overlooked region. Gregory Perez is making some real beauties here from the Mencia grape.
    • Greg's priority is to give utmost respect to the terroir and the vineyard, to yield better grapes to make wines as natural as possible with local varieties, so the wine in your glass is wonderfully unique and different. These wines are not to be missed!
    • Savvy customers bought most of Greg's wines in advance using our unique MarketPlace and made a huge saving - be sure to review if you'd like to see them as a permanent listing!

Map of the Vineyard

Gregory Perez's Story

"Hola Angels!
I was living in France, in Castelnau-de-Médoc when I began to work in the vineyard at the age of about 14, pruning and working on the harvest to make a little bit of money! Then, I began to study viticulture and oenology in Blanquefort from 1993 to 1998.
Shortly after finishing my studies I began to work in Cos d'Estournel in the cellar, working there until 2001. My desire then grew to discover new horizons and see more than the Medoc type of working, so I decided to move to Spain where I had the opportunity to begin working in Bierzo, in both the cellar and the vineyard.
What I really enjoy in my job is that every year is different in the vineyard and every vintage is different in my style of winemaking because a lot of factors are ever-changing; parameters of climate, vintage, terroir, maturity.... These differences year on year are what I really find interesting and exciting in this job.
My idea of wine making is to respect first the terroir and the vineyard, to yield better grapes to make wines as natural as possible. In Bierzo we have the opportunity to work with local varieties like Mencia and Alicante Bouschet and as a result this makes the wines unique and different.
I was very happy when I was able to buy my first plot of vineyard in Bierzo and began to work it as I wanted, by plowing it again for the first time since 15 years without plowing and little by little turning it into a fair trade vineyard. I think in the future people are going to continue in this style, working the vineyards harder and recuperating old abandoned plots.
What makes me most proud is when people buy my wine and come back every year to taste the new vintage so we can share opinions and speak about our passion ..... the wine!"

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