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Former sommelier in the world's best restaurant... now David is using his Golden Nose to sniff out Spanish gems for Angels

    • David worked at El Bulli (the best restaurant in the world) for 11 years as their top sommelier. He’s dripping in accolades and even won the coveted Golden Nose. It’s safe to say he knows his wine.
    • With your funding he can put his years of experience (and his award-winning nose) into making some truly mind-blowing wines.
    • His mission is to help Angels discover Spain’s best kept secrets and show off just how beautiful and tasty the local varieties can be.

Map of the Vineyard

David's Story

From the age of 16, I have been submerged in the world of gastronomy – opening wine bottles and pairing flavours. However my most formative years came during the 11 years I spent at El Bulli restaurant. 
I think of myself as a “discoverer of wines” and try to use my knowledge as a sommelier, the experience of food pairing and familiarity with regions and vines to honor the legacy of El Bulli. My passion is to extend its "liquid" history into the present day.

I love to discover hidden gems and to share them with others. I always look for local grapes and unique styles, to make wines that show off the idiosyncrasies of each region. When I see wine lovers enjoying a bottle of my wine it's always a memorable moment that makes me step back in satisfaction. 
My mission is to help Angels discover every hidden area and local variety from Spain! I also hope to gain their hearts through my wines.

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Inviting, appealing aroma. Fruity with a hint of spice, yet deep and complex with a pleasant lingering finish. Anyway enough about me, let's enjoy some fabulous Naked Wines!