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Bruno's Wines

If you like sophisticated, classy French reds, Bruno is the man for you!

    • Bruno grew up making wines at the ultra expensive, ultra premium Domaine Comte Lafon Estate in Meursault so he knows what he's doing.
    • He struck south to make a name for himself rather than live in the shadows of his prestigious family.
    • After being tipped off by our friend Benjamin Darnault, Bruno came running to the siren call of 150,000 Angels. It's a good reminder that 150,000 Angels allows us to land bigger and bigger winemakers.

Bruno Lafon's Story

"I made my first harvest at Domaine des Comtes Lafon with my brother Dominique in 1984. What I love about winemaking is the magical transformation of a fruit juice into a wine expressing a single terroir.

I always try to make wines respecting the alchemy of the terroir and the taste of consumers. If they like purity of the fruit and elegant texture may be they will take pleasure with my wines.

At the end of the harvest when you taste the first time the cuvee after fermentation: it is every time a great joy if they are at the level of your expectation… and a big sorrow if a tank doesn’t reach the level you were wishing.

When you leave Burgundy and its comfort to move to South of France where the road to success is still long… that keeps you busy every day.

I makes me optimistic to see more vineyards farmed with growers respecting environments and terroir…when I am pessimistic I see the concentration of the production with big wineries and the growing influence of the finance in our business. This is where I believe Angels can help us!"

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